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Nothing screams summer relaxation like a cold cocktail on a hot day. The bright sun and warm air calls for light, fruity and refreshing drinks – plus no summer is complete without a boozy night out with the crew. Consider skipping the classics while we’re still in summer and sip on something with more of a twist. Our signature cocktails feature Asian-centered ingredients, from yuzu, pandan, lychee to lime. But beware, they all go down far too easily!

Leng Lui Spritz 

Summer is the season of sunshine, sea, sand and spritz! Nothing beats a cold, tall glass of this refreshing, fizzy and citrus treat. What’s in it? A combination of tart yuzu, fragrant elderflower, lime juice, a hit of vodka, topped with sparkling wine. Appearance wise, this drink honours its name (“leng lui” 靚女 means “pretty girl” in Cantonese). Satisfy all your sweet temptations with this floral and citrus summer fling.Kung Fu Pandan 

Kickstart your night out with this tropical and fruity combination of Rum, Coconut Cream, Pandan Syrup, Pineapple and Lime Juice. It’s our own twist on a Pina Colada. Pandan is a tropical plant that grows all over Southeast Asia, holding a naturally sweet taste and soft aroma with hints of a nutty vanilla flavour. It’s definitely the star of this drink, giving it an amazing lush flavour, paired especially well with the creamy textural component of the coconut cream. Cool off and enjoy this unique, punchy treat to transport your taste buds to the coastlines of Southeast Asia.Suzie Wong 

For all the martini sippers, this sweet and tarty pleasure is for you. Concocted with vodka, lychee, cloudy apple and a kiss of lemon juice, this blend of fruity flavours will satisfy all your thirst quenching desires. Lychee has a naturally sweet, aromatic taste to it, making it the perfect pair to the fresh and crisp aroma profile of cloudy apple juice. The touch of lemon adds some tart and depth to the overall flavor, keeping the drink from being overly sweet. One sip of this and you’ll think: ahhh tastes like summer!Send Off Your Summer with a Taste of Yum Sing House 

The end of summer is approaching fast, so be sure to get your wild night out on the town while it’s still here! You can find all these unique, refreshing cocktails at Yum Sing House, so why not give one a try or perhaps enjoy all three? We’re open late from Thursday to Saturday to give you plenty of time to get a booking in. We’ll see you here. Cheers!