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The 1st of February marks the start of the year of the tiger, and if ever a New Year needed good fortune and prosperity, it’s 2022. Whether this Lunar New Year will be your first, or your tenth, here are some ways you and your family can bring plenty of prosperity, luck, joy and happiness for the year. 

1. Brighten Up with Some Colour

Put up some red decorations around the house or deck yourself out in brightly coloured clothes on the 1st of February. Better yet, treat yourself to a brand new red outfit to wear. Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture and wearing new clothes on the very first day of the year symbolises a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year. Not a bad way to kickstart the year! 

2. Book a Family Reunion  

If there was ever a best time to catch up with your family members, the Lunar New Year would be it. Family plays a very important role, which is reflected in the significance of a family reunion during the Lunar New Year celebrations. While a reunion dinner is traditionally enjoyed at home, why not give the elders a break and book a dinner out this year? Enjoy a Lunar New Year feast with 6 dishes for $330 at Yum Sing House to save the trouble of menu planning, grocery shopping and the big clean up after. Add karaoke onto your New Years plans and welcome the year whilst singing with friends and family. Yum Sing House offers 5 different private karaoke rooms to cater to all your celebration needs. 

3. Exchange Red Envelopes 

Red Envelopes, also known as 利事, pronounced as “Lai See” in Cantonese, is one of the most popular and traditional ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It’s a tradition that is all about the reciprocity of giving and receiving, and less about the money inside. The colour red symbolises energy, happiness and luck in Chinese culture, and the gesture is thought to bestow good luck and fortune. Before exchanging envelopes, the giver and receiver should always bless one another with the most common Lunar New Year greeting: 恭喜發財, pronounced asGong Hei Fat Choy.” So get your red envelopes ready to share the wealth with your loved ones this year. Celebrate the Lunar New Year at Yum Sing House to get your very own envelope, with a very special surprise waiting for you inside. 

4. Ring in Good Luck with a Prosperity Toss  

Yee Sang, or better known as the Prosperity Toss, is a festive raw fish salad that is a must-have starting dish for every Lunar New Year reunion. This colourful platter features a variety of prosperous ingredients, including shredded vegetables, pickled ginger and salmon, which is served with a special tasty sauce. During the Yee Sang toss, everyone joins in to toss the salad together while shouting out all sorts of auspicious wishes for the year ahead. It is a heartwarming ritual that brings friends and families together to symbolise a year of abundance, prosperity and vigor. This year, Yum Sing House has prepared a traditional Yee Sang prosperity toss for every banquet. Get your chopsticks ready and remember: the higher you toss, the more prosperity!

5. Watch a Traditional Lion Dance  

No Lunar New Year is complete without catching a glimpse of the traditional Chinese lion dance. In Chinese culture, the lion symbolises power, wisdom, and superiority. Typically, two performers will wear a lion costume and dance to the beat of gongs and drums. It is a colourful, fun and loud dance ritual that is believed to usher luck and drive away evil spirits, a great way to welcome the new year! If you don’t want to miss out, consider stopping by Yum Sing House for a lion dance performance on the 5th of February, at 8 pm. 

Join us at Yum Sing House for a Special Lunar New Year  

It’s been a rough start to a new year for Melbourne, so let us help you kick things off with a giveaway in conjunction with the Lunar New Year and the spirit of giving. Starting from the 27th of January to 5th of February, we’ve put together a list of exciting prizes to giveaway for each booking, so keep your eyes peeled! However you choose to celebrate, we wish you and your family a roaring start to the Year of the Tiger!