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Finding the right venue can make or break your next corporate event. Here are just a few factors to consider when searching for a function space in Melbourne. 

1. Location 

It’s all about location, location and location. For any corporate event, a prime location that is convenient for you and your coworkers is a must. Think about how far the venue is from your office and how your coworkers might get there. Is there public transport nearby? Is there parking at a reasonable distance? It’s crucial to book a venue that is as accessible as possible so you can set a good start to your event! 

2. Maximum Capacity 

How many guests do you have? Obviously, the bigger the guest list, the bigger the venue! Nothing is worse than booking a space that ends up feeling cramped. Make sure you contact the venue prior to booking so that they can let you know their maximum capacity. At Yum Sing House for instance, our two floors of premium event space can cater up to 270 guests, making it the ultimate venue for all functions big or small. 

3. Amenities and Entertainment 

Got a meeting planned on the day? Speeches? Or perhaps an awards ceremony? Then it would be a good idea to consider the amenities available to you. Make sure the place you’re booking has projectors, TVs and a good in-built sound system. Depending on the event you’re planning, you may want to book a place with entertainment options. Yum Sing House, for example, has karaoke upstairs for you and your coworkers to relax and have fun or use as team breakout rooms. There’s also a split-flap display that can showcase tailored messages, which could add some excitement to announcing names for awards and much more. 

4. Ambience 

Ambience is important for setting the tone of any event. Your venue should create the right atmosphere for you and your coworkers, whether it be for a party, seminar, team-building experience or a conference. There are all kinds of installations to consider, from the architecture of the space to lighting, colours and furniture. If you’re looking to host a team-building experience, consider a space that can easily accommodate group activities, making sure they hold enough chairs and tables. For award ceremonies, find a space that incites inspiration and gives off an overall positive vibe. 

5. Food & Beverage Options 

Boost your coworkers’ creative juices while keeping their energy levels high with tasty canapés and refreshing beverages at your next corporate function. Food is an instant mood booster but also a great conversation starter that will help break the ice. Make sure your venue allows catering, or better yet, make your event planning easier by finding a space that has a kitchen and offers food and beverage service themselves. A good venue will have catering for all budgets, whether you are sticking to an allocation or need to impress at all costs. It is also extremely important to find out dietary requirements if any, as this will need to be communicated to your venue before they finalise the menu for the event. Guarantee a Successful Corporate Event at Yum Sing House

Choosing the right venue for your corporate event can be a challenge. Thankfully, Yum Sing House has everything you need to make your corporate event a success. We’re the best at what we do and we’re committed to making your event a memorable one. Start planning your next corporate event with Yum Sing now.